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2 types of users with 2 sign up forms

I am creating a job board, meaning that I have 2 types of users: employers and job candidates. I want to have 2 different types of account; 1 for each of them, meaning that when they sign up, the sign up form will be different depending on whether he is an employer or job candidate.

How can I do that - which 3rd party application ? I have tried Memberstack but i cannot seem to find how to create 2 different sign up forms with different fields depending on the membership (type of user).


Hi Maxime, this seems to be possible with Meberstack according to this thread on their forum

Thanks for the reply,

This means that in Memberstack, i will have only 1 form, containing input fields for BOTH memberships, and then, on webflow, i will have 2 sign up forms with different input fields, but all those fields (from both memberships) will be in the unique sign up form in Memberstack ?

If yes, I have another question: I will have 2 different profile pages on webflow: 1 for employers, 1 for job candidates. This means that for my profile pages i also need to write custom profile pages (with different input fields), but all those input fields (from both memberships) will be on the profile form on Memberstack ?

Thanks !