2 Sticky images-How do I keep them in one section, at the position I like?

Hello, Webflow community!

I’m a beginner designer, and I just published V1 of my website to a custom domain:
The mobile version of the site is not built out yet, so please look on your desktop!

I’m currently playing around with a site duplicate, making it more interactive. My end goal is to play with moving gifs as well!

Currently, I am trying to make 2 cloud images fixed images (images 24 and 25). I would like them to fix within their section (section 3), one at around 50px and the other around 100px from the top of the section so they stick at different places and move like real clouds!

In the live version of the site, they are in an absolute position in their parent section (section 3).

When I make them sticky within their parent section, the position changes so that both clouds are behind the text. I can only change this if the cloud images are in absolute position.

To try and remedy this, I put the images into the body. This puts them in the correct position but obviously makes them sticky on the entire site. I like their position, but I want them to stay sticky ONLY in section 3.

I also made section 3 sticky (all under auto spacing), so that I can control the z-index and the clouds go BEHIND the background image of the landfill.

Overall: how do I make these two cloud images sticky, in the position I like (to the side of the text so that it doesn’t overlap the text), and keep it sticking only in section 3?

Here is the read-only link:

Thank you for your help as I explore!
Cecilia Zabala

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