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2 Step Form Push

Hello Webflowers,

Was wondering if it’s possible to do a 2-step from push with Webflow. It’s a bit hard to explain it but I’ll try my best:

STEP 1: I need to be able to create a Signup form that captures a customers primary data in order to create an account and push this data to our software (eg: email & password)

STEP 2: Once the data is pushed a 2nd form is to be filled out complete the required information of the software (eg: Name, company name…)

My issue is that without using a site with a database can a regular site built in Webflow be able to do a 2 step push that links the 2 forms? Can a Token be used here? Is there an external tool that I can use to do this without building the 2nd form inside our current app/software?

Hope you guys can help. Thanks!

You can use custom code to temporarily store the first form’s data in a cookie when it is submitted, then when the user is redirected to the other form, the other form loads the data from the cookie. When the second form is submitted, clear the cookie.

However storing passwords locally is not recommended. I suggest the second form do away with the password requirement.