2 questions about DIV usage


  1. I assigned a background image of a DIV from CMS field. But I can’t make that image as “cover” fit. Could anyone help me how can I make its fit attribute as “cover”?

  2. I have a SECTION which its height value is 45 VH. This section should show only one image. To do so I’ve added one DIV and an IMAGE object in it. After assigning image file to IMAGE object, I couldn’t make image height as Section’s height. I need it to cover section area. How can I do that?

thank you


Hi @delizade, thanks for your post!

On the div which is getting background from cms field, you will need to click the + button as if you were adding an image manually (not cms), there will be an example image block then shown.

You can then style the cover on the example background image, that style will be used for the actual background image coming from CMS.

For the section, there are a number of approaches, Would it be possible for you to help share some additional detail that will help the community to provide assistance?

Thanks in advance

thank you for your time and help,
I’ve added a shared project to show my problem to my first post.

sorry I have not enough knowledge about HTML. If this topic is hard to explain here it is okay I will try to research deeper then.

thank you

Hi @delizade, thanks for your reply, I have made a video below to help with your questions.

I was not sure what you mean’t on question #3, can you help to share more detail on what you are trying to do with the slider?

Thanks in advance


thank you so much for your time and effort!
3rd step is I need to make images slide one after another automatically and user can click to bullets or arrows left and right. For this one I didn’t try anything yet. I will research for it.

thank you again!

omg you answered slider topic too in that holly video :slight_smile: I thought that it covered only div issue. thank you so much!!!

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