2 pages identical, one page has problems

i keep getting an overflow of text on one of my pages while the identical one, with different text is fine, what is being done wrong here, feel like ive been on this problem for hours to no avail.

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Looks like the paragraph in the Terms page has it’s width set to 50%, while the paragraph on the privacy policy page does not.

To make them identical, I highly recommend you duplicate the page, then paste the content in, to ensure all classes/layouts stay the same.

Not sure which page is which, but I’ll assume this page has the layout you want.
This is not usually the way I’d do it, but you’ve set your paragraph to 50% of page width here.

I’d encourage you to read up on the Webflow U intro courses around layout, they’ll give you a good foundation here. Otherwise you’re going to run into a lot of frustrations like this.

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thanks guys, it wasnt an issue with the 50% as usual after a couple hours of confusion, i post for help and find the answer - it was the links within the text that were causing an overflow, the links didnt want to line break i guess and caused the problem, thanks for the help guys