2 pages, exactly the same, different outcome for my ticker styling - please help

So I have 2 pages. The same ticker on both pages. Spent hours making sure all styling and everything else is exactly the same on both pages. This ticker on Android devices is centered and looks perfect on the test page but on the live page, it is off-center and is driving me crazy.

The ticker I am referring to is the first ticker you see as you scroll down and the styling issue is only in android and only on the live page, not the test page. I have copied back and forth 100 times and checked all styling for hours but can not find a solution.

I had to create a new page because the test page had e-commerce activated and I needed the final live page not to have e-commerce activated. Everything else came out fine outside this one ticker styling.

Here is my site Read-Only for these test page with the stylized ticker that looks perfect in Android devices: (Webflow - Vegano-O-No-test)

Here is my site Read-Only for the live page with the stylized ticker that looks off-center and driving me crazy on Android devices: (Webflow - Vegano-O-No)