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2 images missing from live site, OK in all previews?

The goto “Top” arrow and the “X” for closing the contact footer are missing from our live website. The placeholder is there and the functionality is there just no image. They are svg images, but so are others on the site. Everything is there in preview modes and everything else seems to be working fine. What’s up with these 2 images? They are both in the footer section, so there must be a connection?

Your SVG files may have an issue, start by redoing/reexporting them (it can’t come from Photoshop CC, SVG exported by Photoshop CC are broken by definition, and the ones from AI contains tons of useless info… prefers Sketch to export SVG, or Inkling), giving them a new name and import it into webflow. see if it fixes the issue.

I was unable to recreate them as SVG’s so I captured them from the preview and converted them to GIF’s which seems to have resolved my problem. Thanks.

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