2 identical nav menus styling slightly different and can not figure out why. Please Help!

I am trying to create the same nav menu on Site 1 as I have on Site 2. It is very close but the Site 1 Nav is not styling correctly or being responsive in the same way. I checked every single setting I could find for hours and can not figure out why.

If someone can help me work through this in the proper workflow so that in the future I can troubleshoot these styling issues on my own and I do not get stuck for so long trying to figure this out.

Just to note if it matters: This site will be used to put into Udesely and convert to Shopify but the goal is for me to learn client first and convert this site over to client first as well.

Here is my site 1 Read-Only: [LINK][1]
Here is my site 2 Read-Only: [LINK][2]

No one can help me figure out why my nav menú text is not responsive on my site 1 :confused: like it is on site 2?