2 Different Product Pages (Ecommerce)


I’m trying to provide a client with 2 different options for each product in an ecommerce site. The first option being the standard purchasing interface, which works well for a product. The second option is to allow a user to hire a product, and I am looking at taking the website user to a second page in order for them to fill out a form to submit for a hiring enquiry.

So, can I somehow use a button on the Store page (I have a demo button set up) to open a product in a non ecommerce generated template/page.

Or, can I pass in a parameter to the ecommerce generated page to tell that page how to display (so maybe hide/show certain sections/divs/elements depending on the parameter passed in)

Or, another option I’ve failed to consider.

Thank you in advance for any help.


RO Link: Webflow - Rutherford Fitness

Hi @Alex_Browning, I think your first idea could work. It’ll just need some work to setup an identical non-commerce CMS Collection. Then in the custom field in the Product you can reference this CMS and use the link on the “Hire” link.