2 Columns layout

Hi All,

On my site (Link below), I have dynamic content ( under “Upcoming events”) that will be updated regularly.
I managed to create 2 events using the CMS ( and I got the image and content from the CMS ).

I want to add another 2 events that will be placed under the current 2 events shown.
When I’m trying to create more events in the CMS, the layout changes, and I wish to keep the current layout of 2 events per row.
So long story short I wish to create a layout of 2 rows and 2 columns containing 4 images. Any idea how can I achieve that?

Also, How do I make the images (events) linkable to another page?

Here is my link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/secret-stage?preview=6bb175e0702b1c3c62dbff508f2e5f08

Thanks in advance!

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