2 collections on the same page

Hi there

I have 2 collections:

  • blog articles
  • book summaries

Is it possible to have 2 collections under the same Template page

e.g Assume this is one Article called: “How the Tin Man found happiness”.
Underneath, I’d like to have

Related Article (from Blog collection - this is there currently)

  • Parenting for happiness

Related books (from book summary collection)

  • The Happiness Project
  • The Happiness Trap

e.g. here’s a sample articles that only has 1 collection in the “Related Articles” section

My site is below :point_down:

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @jayz - never tried this myself and there may be a better option, but maybe something like a multi-reference field would help? Multi-reference field | Webflow University

@jayz Just found this previous forum post, looks like it’s just what you need. Cant get blog post to show "related" posts

Hi @indexdepartment, thanks for the reply. I think the you link only uses a single collection.

I’m trying to bring 2 collections to the same page.


@jayz See what you mean, not entirely sure about this so hopefully someone more familiar with it will be along to help you soon :slight_smile:

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