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2 collections: can 1 be organized by recency, other alphabetically?

Question before I buy: I’m designing a media site that will have lesson and blog posts. I’d like to stream blog posts by most recent date. I’d like to create 4-5 different collections of lessons organized alphabetically, eg, LESSON COLLECTION ABC, Lesson 1 title, Lesson 2 title, Lesson 3 title. Is it possible? If the answer is yes, I think it means that lessons are simply pages–not different types of blog posts–correct?

Hi @terryribb, if I am understanding correctly, you want to simply create multiple collections, which each collection sorted alphabetically. This is possible in Webflow.

Each lesson would be input as an individual collection item record, sorted by the Name field. Take a peek at the video lessons in our help center:

Here is a good article (thanks @sabanna) from the tips and tips collection, that gives some things to think about when working with “archived” or “older” posts: Blogs Archive concept

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Very helpful. To be sure, can I sort one collection by recency and another alphabetically? They don’t have to be the same?

Hi @terryribb,

Yep, it is possible to use different dynamic lists for different collections, or even the same collection. It is also possible to add multiple sort and filter conditions to a dynamic list. In this screenshot below, I am sorting blog posts by name in alphabetical ascending order, with a filter to show only posts in last 14 days.

Another dynamic list can present the same collection data, but with different sort and different filters

It is possible to put up to 10 dynamic lists on a page.

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I am happy to assist further :slight_smile:

Amazing. Thank you so much!

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