2 anoying things about webflow


first i like webflow and found it very useful !!

BUT… there s 2 very anoying points for me, i ll try to explain with my poor english :slight_smile:

1/ i really really don t understand your form’s terms of use… !

why intercepting all the forms by default ? for the price i pay (yes i m ok and signed for it BUT webflow is very expensive from my point of view) so it seems normal for me to be able to send my form where and as many as i want no?

2/ (maybe it changed i don t know) why do we have to make our websites public when we want to stop our accounts ??? once again i pay for what i do with the tool i don t understand why i m FORCED to do it ?

that s all… this two points sounds like big liberty problems for me just wanted to report it


p: i apologize if i m wrong on 1 of this 2 points :stuck_out_tongue:

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