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16:9 videos only possible when not in a dynamic list?

hello again @PixelGeek and thank you for your support in youtube about my question on 16:9 ratio

i noticed that a video in a dynamic list will always be square sized, but when i use a video that is not connected to dynamic data, the video size will be perfect. is there a way to change this?

here is the link:

i would appreciate any help :smiley:

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i’ll look into this today. thanks for the heads up and the screenshot! :smiley:


great, thanks! :smiley:

hi @PixelGeek

i solved the problem :smiley:

this problem only occurs when using a youtube playlist. one has to use the short url when the playlist is opened.

since im not a native english speaker i have made two screenshots, so people can see which url to use :blush:

dont use this url

instead use this url

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unfortunately this issue remains unsolved. because you cant embed a playlist from start without it being shown in 6:5 instead of 16:9 ratio

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