1313 Innovation - Redesign [Coworking Space Concept]

I was reviewing what appeared to be the latest update to the 1313 Innovation coworking space site, and there were some fixes Iā€™d ideally like to see so I took the initiative to redesign it myself! This is around four hours work (a.k.a - a lot of breaks)

P.S: some pages of the original site do not exist in the redesign, may integrate them at a later time.

P.S.S: to any Philly/Delaware locals, definitely check this place out when you have the chance.

Webflame :fire:

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For clocking in @ 4 hours this is pretty good work. Now, what I want to see your complete redesign of this site utilizing their existing assets & copy (the CTAs kinda suck), but with your take on it. Take ownership of it like a client project. I think you can make it better than the original.