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11K items in a collection! What what?

Hey gang I need some advice. I have 11K items broken up into 8 categories and all on one Excel spreadsheet, comma Separated. Should I make one spreadsheet and one category for each category? What about the 8 product photos I’ll be using? Can I make one collection have the same photo automatically?

Heres the link but I haven’t imported the XLS yet: Webflow - Pivotal

To being with, 10k is the maximum number of items you can have with a Business plan. Contact Webflow support to ask them about how much this is extendable. Learn about the limitations here: Understand Webflow Pricing: Sites & Accounts Plans

You should have a table with your items, and a table with the categories. the table with the items should reference the one with the categories.

I’d say yes but there are 80% chances I don’t understand your question well.

OK thanks, I’ll let the client know we need to upgrade the hosting. I also put out a call the webflow freelancer page but I need a pro to jump in and build this multi product, multi-filtered-search product. Know anyone?

You can browse the enterprise and professional partners listing from the expert program here

Basically, enterprise partners are agencies, professional partners are freelances, and you can sort the listings by location.

Thanks, I’ve reached out to a few pros.

From my experience, Webflow doesn’t budge on their limitations. However, what you can do via the Enterprise plan is setup reverse proxies. This will allow you to have multiple projects under one domain. It helps split up limitations.

Enterprise plans are expensive, though. Roughly $30 - $40k a year.

Now that think of it, there are only like 10 actual products but with 11K SKUs, (like multiple options, sizes, features) does that still count as individual products?

I’m not sure what SKUs are considered within the CMS. I would just contact support via chat. They could answer that for you fairly quickly.

Thank Vincent, so I have 10 items but each item has multiple variants. I’ll create a collection for each item for search. I now know I’ll have to upgrade to accommodate for over 10K items.

Question, how do I automatically have a photo inserted and a PDF linked to the collections items I just added? Webflow - Pivotal