100vh not working on mobile devices

Thank you @webdev for that precision!

Although, I still didn’t work…


@ACarchitecture - Where is that element .sec_proj_s_darken on the home page? I don’t see it in the source.

@webdev, its on the page ‘‘the nest’’. I just did the same on the main page where I want this to happend also. (I made that change 1 sec ago). db_100vh is on the home page.

** seems that when you copy ‘’- -’’ (I added an extra space so it didn’t merge) it become ‘’–’’… don’t know if that matters.


Hey, how did you folks solve this issue? I came up with the same problem as well and the code above didn’t work for me

Anyone solved that issue? Until now I didn’t find a solution :frowning:


Has anyone got a reliable working solution for this yet? I tried the above but have not been able to get it to work so far. Been bashing my head against the wall :joy:
My read only link, though not working yet: Webflow - Jonny Rich — Portfolio

Thanks in advance!

How can nobody have come up with a proper solution for this?