100 pages limitation, multiple loogins.. Plan upgrade?

Hello Community,

We are facing limitations on our current plan and wanted to know the different options.
I checked the current pricing page and to be honest, I just don’t get it.
So I thought maybe I could ask for help in the forum.

We currently have a Team account with 4 seats.

  1. We’ve reached the 100 pages limit, and even upgrading the plan won’t change this. Can you please help find a solution?

  2. If there are 10 people who want to use Webflow, should we subscribe to a plan with 10 team members?

  3. Is the team plan individualized or can it be used by several members?

  4. How can I use the designer account for several people on the same project?

  5. How can we have a staging/preprod environment to avoid pushing directly to prod?

Thanks for your answers!

The new membership system has confuculated everybody.

I’m afraid I can’t help as I am just as confused at the new structures.

Too many limitations for the pricepoint.

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This is a hard limit with Webflow. Only workaround is to use multiple projects and reverse proxy In front. Webflow apparently supports that for some Enterprise clients.

Yes, but I would be looking at Workspace plans, not team as that is being replaced.

If you mean sharing? Not designed for that. Users are "
assigned" to workspaces. Check the docs.

Workspace plans support that.

Webflow supports publishing to a staging url (site.webflow.io ) but it is not a separate instance, just a publishing destination and pushing to destination is all or nothing affair. All changes are published, even incomplete work. Drafts are typically used to at least keeping works in progress from going live. Where you have to be careful is when multiple people are working on live pages and a publish happens. Can result in bad things happening! This is not the same as having a separate staging site which would not work since you can’t merge projects anyway.