100% Discount? Order Minimum Issue

Hi all,

Very happy to have the discount beta live now! I’ve hit a snag however…

The site I’m editing is selling places on Webinars, and a sponsor has offered to fund the full cost of participating in those webinars. So I have created a discount code which covers the full price of a ticket for the webinar.

As you can see in the screenshot however, it is not possible to complete a zero value transaction. With this being the case, all I can think of is to change the checkout process to a form submission. The only issue is that this would require a lot more editing than if I could just edit the purchasing process to keep it within my current ecommerce set up (would need to create a separate collection not using the current ecommerce design etc.).

Does anyone have an idea of how I could save myself some time and rely on the existing set up?


Right now Stripe and Paypal orders require a minimum total amount for an order to go through. I believe the closest you’d get would be a discount code that puts the order at ~$0.50.

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Thanks a lot for confirming. That’s what I suspected.

Makes me wonder if there is room for zero cost items in the planned digital products update, such as just entering email or other details in order to access a digital product…

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@Maxwell sounds like a good idea to me :wink:

Yes It is very sound good and I can buy because It is under my budget

Yes It is very sound good and I can buy because It is under my budget

Hi. What?

It is good discount and much more