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1 product image not showing on all browswers

Hello everyone,

We launched our site at and our fist product image isn’t showing on Chrome and Firefox browsers but is showing on Safari and in mobile on my iPhone. I’m thinking this is a bug but I don’t know for sure. I even tried deleting the image and replacing it but that didn’t work. It does show in preview on Chrome Webflow editor but not on the live site.

Please help,


Replace your image by this one:

I don’t know what you did and why that worked but it did the trick.
Thank you so incredibly much!


Oh dear my center image on my Inflammation Calculator page isn’t showing on all browsers either.
How do I fix that one?



Would you kindly explain what it is I need to images when they are not showing.
I found another one.


I don’t know either… could have been a corrupted file or a bad naming, so I just re exported a clean jpg from your image.

are they also named .jpeg instead of .jpg? maybe this. Or they’ve been corrupted somehow in a transfer.

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