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1 order - 1 intermediate - 1 customer

Hi everyone,

I am quite new to the webflow platform but already working on my own brand e-commerce website.
I plan to use it to sell my products with two different sales process.

The first will be the easiest and classic one.
A customer comes to my website, puts a product in cart, pays for it, end of the story. Nice and easy !

The second process is more tricky to implement (if possible).
I would like to create a process where the person who makes the order is not the person who pays for it. Some sort of third party sales. Here is why.

I have a network of resellers that ensure my brand is visible and distributed across a selected amount of concept stores worldwide. For VAT and gross purpose they are not able to sell my products directly to their clients, but only to be commissioned intermediates. All sales must be made by my brand.

For now, if they have a client interested in my product, they need to go to my website and do all the classic process until the payment phase, were the client is the only one able to complete.
This sale experience is nothing but a pain and I absolutely want something better.

Which heads us back to my project.

Webflow doesn’t offer that feature for now but maybe there is a way to archive the result I expect. The dream solution would be integrated to the webflow e-commerce platform while being able to automatically get the order, identify the customer and send him a link to a pre-filled checkout form and then collect the payment.

I know this is not easy to do but with the power of Webflow and the integration of Stripe, I can’t imagine there is no way to do so. Maybe some tool already exist. Maybe Zapier could help. Maybe I need a custom designed tool.

I will welcome all kind of help.


Bump !

Anyone with a great idea ?