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Hello all! This month, I inherited the site purposeproject.org.

Context: They transferred the site from word press to web flow. Also, they added the domains: purposeproject.org and thepurposeproject.org.

Current: After the transfer, purposeproject.org doesn’t show on google(Bing and other search engines are fine). Today, I verified purposeproject.org on google search console and received the Pure Spam error. I updated the titles and descriptions on the main pages. Am I missing anything?

Here is my site Read-Only: purposeproject.org1
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Hi There,

Two problems (Domain & Text)
(1) Purposeproject.org and thepurposeproject.org were not redirected properly with the prior host. The incorrect setup most likely caused content duplication. Now that you are on webflow, as long as both domains have been added correctly, this resolve itself in 30-60 days.

(2) Text/Content

  • Website content is ‘similar’ to that of more reputable websites
  • Very little content per page
  • External links for pages google considers internal (privacy policy & terms & conditions)

Steps to take before using an action report:
– Homepage: rewrite your 4 main headers: what we do, impact to date, our story & get involved
– Add an extra sentence to each section
– Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions should be there own page. If you need to link to additional resources from IDEO, do so on the page new page itself.
– All other pages – a lot of content is very ‘similar’ to content found through google search. I would suggest rewriting it.
– Check your SEO settings: every single page is missing it’s SEO setting. (https://university.webflow.com/lesson/seo-title-meta-description)
– Switch your website to https
– Add new, unique content to each page (a paragraph at the top). Aim for a minimum of 300 words per page. The majority of your pages are coming up as ‘low word count’ and read around 150 words.
– Check each page for proper heading tags. 5 of your pages are missing H1s.
– Webflow pages that have a password, set them to do not index

Once these steps are completed, submit an action report but in all likelihood it will take 30-45 days for google to respond.

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Thank you so much!!!