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Hello. I am new to all of this and I am proud of what I created with Webflow :smile:

My question is, how do I arrange order in the CMS entries? I have made an agenda and want to put the times in order.

My issue is that I can navigate freely on mobile once published, but it has the www.www. on PC! I tried everything here and followed all the steps, but I can’t get it to work. What drives me crazy is it only happens on the home page! I can access the website on PC if I don’t go to the home page. Can I get help?

in case I wasn’t clear, the question is how to move a session to a different order. see image attached

You need a field in your CMS that you can sort by, and then in your collection lists, you sort by that field. How you do that depends on your goals, data, and how you want to manage it.

e.g. Could be sorted by a datetime field, or if you just have a simple 24h agenda, you could do it as a strictly formatted text field e.g. “13:45”

What’s your published site link?
Most likely you just have some redirects cached on your desktop browser.

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It always switch to date created. Unless there is something I am missing?

Its not me problem, I tried on other PCs and laptops with same issue

Update, I did it thank you

still the www.www. is not sorted

Working fine here-

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I honestly tried on 2 PCs and didnt work! i tried another laptop and you are right! Thank you