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1 block isnt appearing right in mobile..?


In the builder the page is appearing as it should, however when i go to publish the box is a lot smaller in mobile, any ideas?


Because the smaller box has fixed width 303px and the bigger box has a width 94%. Different phones have different resolutions, so 303px may look much smaller than 94% of the screen width.

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Ok thanks,

So i have changed the top box to 94% to equal the other boxes, it still doesnt really fix the issue, is there another way around it?

What is the live site URL?

Could show the screenshot where it is not equal? To me it looks fine.

Only thing that you would probably want to make equal is a left margin on both boxes, but there is 1px difference only :slight_smile:

Try this… on outerbox

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On published site 1st box still has a width: 303px

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